What is Live Casino?

live casino

Live casino is an online gaming experience that brings the buzz of a bricks and mortar casino into the comfort of your own home. It uses real croupiers and tables and streams them in HD, giving you a truly immersive and authentic experience. It’s this feeling of being in a Las Vegas casino that has made online gambling so popular, and it’s why players keep returning for more.

Live dealer casinos use special studios that are designed to be able to stream in fantastic quality over the internet. This is why the majority of modern home internet connections should be able to accommodate this type of gameplay. You may find that the quality varies slightly from one casino to another though, so make sure you check the details of each before making a deposit.

Aside from the live stream there is often a dedicated chat room where players and dealers can communicate with each other. This adds an extra element to the game, especially in games like blackjack where the dealer can be urged by the gamblers to take action. It also allows players to get in touch with the croupiers and ask them questions about the game or how to play it.

All of this is done by a dedicated team of professionals who are trained to the highest standard. These people are able to provide the level of customer service that you would expect in a casino, and they can deal with any issues that may arise during a session. They can also be used to help with the training of new employees, so that the quality of customer service is always high.

Players can choose from a wide range of live casino games, and they can be played at any time of the day. They are based on the same rules as those found in classic online casino games, and they can be won by beating the dealer’s hand or busting. In addition, there are a number of side bets that can be placed on the game to give the player extra chances of winning.

The main requirement of a live casino is that the player must be above their state’s legal age for gambling, which usually ranges from 18 to 21. Once the player has met this requirement they can then register with a live casino and begin playing in real time. The registration process is very quick and easy and all the necessary verification documents can be submitted to complete it. Once this has been done the casino will provide the player with a fantastic sign up offer that they can use to get started with their real money gaming straight away. This offer is a great way to see whether or not a particular site is right for them. It is important to remember, however, that you should be careful and limit your betting to what is within your budget. Otherwise, you could easily lose a lot of money very quickly.