The Sdy Prize and SDU’s Research Excellence

sdy prize

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The SDU Institute of Structural Dynamics has a long history of innovation and research excellence. Researchers there have created solutions that will help to solve many problems in society. This year, for example, researchers have developed a system that can optimise the control of lighting in nurseries by comparing prices on gas and electricity.

These new solutions are able to save nurseries 20 percent on their energy costs. They also help to lower greenhouse gas emissions and improve energy efficiency in buildings.

SDU is also home to several cutting-edge laboratories, including the Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Institute, where researchers are tackling some of our most pressing environmental issues. Scientists at this institute have just received a DKK 37 million grant from the European Union to develop a sustainable fuel for aviation.

Among the most exciting discoveries made by SDU researchers is the development of a substance that can be used to combat COVID-19, a bacteria that infects human cells. The substance was created by Professor Peter Mollgaard, the dean of the faculty of business and social sciences at SDU, and his team.

In addition to his work on COVID-19, Professor Mollgaard has also contributed to several other areas of research at SDU, including energy and climate policy. His work has received several awards and nominations for prestigious honors.

As a result, his work has been recognized across the globe. This year, for instance, he was awarded the Edward Stern prize from the International X-Ray Absorption Society (IXAS).

The Edelstein Prize is another award that honors scientists for outstanding contributions to science in a variety of fields. The prize is awarded by the American Physical Society in honor of Sidney Edelstein, a pioneer in ultrafast electron diffraction and microscopy. The award consists of $3,500 and a plaque.

In order to be eligible for the prize, researchers must have made an outstanding contribution to science over a period of at least three years. In addition, they must have published their work in a peer-reviewed journal. Moreover, they must have been a member of the American Physical Society for at least six years and must have served as an elected or appointed officer of the society.