Tech Data Hong Kong

Providing comprehensive and up-to-date information to HK consumers is the core business of Tech Data. It serves as a critical link in the technology ecosystem by helping wholesalers, resellers, retailers, and end-users with solutions that are best suited to their needs. Its unique channel business model also enables it to deliver products and services that help them drive new opportunities, build their businesses, and improve customer outcomes.

As a result, Tech Data has become the leading global distributor of technology products and solutions, with a presence in over 30 countries worldwide. Its product and service portfolio spans a broad range of categories, including IT components, network devices, storage, security, and software. The company also provides value-added solutions, including cloud computing and data analytics, and helps customers navigate the digital transformation landscape with solutions that meet their evolving business requirements.

The company’s vision is to be the trusted partner of choice for every organization that wants to build, deploy and manage its applications and infrastructure on a platform that delivers high-performance and scalability, while keeping costs in control. Tech Data aims to achieve its vision by being an innovator and by offering the most reliable and secure IT platform available in the market. It has established itself as the preferred partner in Asia with a broad and diverse portfolio of IT brands and a strong local sales team that is committed to ensuring its customers’ success.

Tech Data’s employees are dedicated to delivering the highest levels of customer service, and its teams are empowered to make decisions that support the overall business strategy. Its culture of innovation and collaboration ensures that it will continue to be a leader in the industry. Its people are the foundation of its success, and its leadership team is committed to creating an environment that promotes creativity, openness, and diversity.

HK is one of the most important business and financial centres in the world. As such, it’s essential that all companies comply with the PDPO and use their data responsibly. In particular, the combination of personal data – such as an employee’s name, company name, photograph and ID number – should not be publicly displayed together. It should also be collected and stored securely in compliance with other data protection principles.

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