HK Prize 2019: Best Picture, Best Film, and Best Action Choreography

hk prize

hk prize is one of the premier high school contests, rewarding academic achievement and extracurricular involvement. Winners receive monetary prizes and have the opportunity to conduct scientific research in Hong Kong’s premier facilities. They may also attend seminars or internships to learn about the cutting-edge research of other scientists around the world. This competition is highly competitive, so students should carefully review all rules and regulations before entering.

HK Prize is open to all students currently enrolled in Hong Kong secondary schools. Students must be nominated by their teachers in order to participate. Each student can submit up to three artworks before the deadline. Shortlisted artists will be notified via email, and judges’ prizes of HK$8,000 and teacher prizes of HK$20,000 will be awarded to them respectively.

The award aims to promote the spirit of Hong Kong in a global arena, strengthening Hong Kong’s competitiveness within the Asia-Pacific region and increasing its international standing. It is given to individuals or teams who have made outstanding contributions in fields like artificial intelligence and robotics, life science research, new materials energy production, and FinTech. The winner of each field will be awarded HKD 2,000,000, a certificate and a trophy.

In the film category, 2023’s top-grossing cops-and-robbers actioner Raging Fire will likely win best picture. Its director, Benny Chan, passed away in 2020, and the film was released posthumously to mark his memory. Other contenders include In Broad Daylight, Time Still Turns the Pages and A Guilty Conscience, which have been widely acclaimed by critics. But if history has taught us anything, the HKFA is more likely to award veterans over fresh faces in this category.

In other categories, Michael Hui’s top-grossing comedy masterpiece Security Unlimited will take home best supporting actor for veteran actor Andy Lau, while renowned martial artist and producer Donnie Yen won best supporting actress for her work in the film. The film was nominated for four other awards, including best film and best action choreography.

HK prize is an annual award to recognize individuals or groups that contribute to the advancement of world civilisation and inspire others towards building a harmonious society. It is a recognition to the spirit of Hong Kong and an encouragement to young people to follow their passions and broaden their horizons.

Founded in 2016, the HK prize is an independent merit-based award that recognises scientific research with substantial societal benefits. This year, a team of two Hong Kong-based researchers received the gold award for their work on “On the Properties of the Semigroup Generated by RL Fractional Integral”. The research was conducted by Kyan Cheung Ka-Hin and Ethan Soh Jon-Yi from Harrow International School in Hong Kong. The prestigious accolade is the highest award in the prize’s history. The winners join the ranks of other Nobel laureates who have made outstanding contributions in areas such as peace, literature and physiology. The HK prize will be awarded annually until 2025.