Data SGP

Data sgp is an indicator that shows the student growth percentile (SGP) for a particular subject. This is a popular method of measuring and tracking academic progress, especially for students who enter school at a different level than their peers. It is also used by teachers to help them evaluate student performance in terms of their growth or lack of growth over time.


The first column in sgpData is ID, which provides the unique student identifier for the test record. The next 5 columns are grade_2013, grade_2014, grade_2015, grade_2016, and grade_2017, which provide the student assessment score for each of those years. The last 5 columns are scale_score, which provides the scale score associated with each of those years.

This data can be used in a wide-format for SGP analyses by the sgp package. However, it is important to understand the limitations of this wide-format data and how to use it effectively. For more information, please refer to the SGP data analysis vignette.


The sgpData_INSTRUCTOR_NUMBER table is an anonymized, student-instructor lookup table that provides the insturctor information associated with each students test record. This information can be useful for analyzing student-teacher relationships, comparing the student growth of students with different instructors, and identifying students who have fallen behind their peers in academic performance.

sgpData_ACHIEVEMENT_LEVEL and SGPDATA are two data sets that allow for the creation of individual-level student growth and achievement plots by the summarizeSGP function. These data sets are required if running student growth projections and the student aggregates created by the summarizeSGP function.

SGPDATA is an open source software package that uses the R language to analyze and visualize student growth data. It is available for Window, OSX, and Linux.

As an open source project, the SGP package is free to download and use. It is based on the R programming language and can be compiled for almost any operating system.

It is a powerful tool for analyzing and visualizing student growth data, but it does have some limitations. This is especially true when running SGP analyses for large populations of students.

To run SGP analyses, a computer with R installed is needed. R is an open source program that is compiled for Windows, OSX, and Linux. It is also freely available on the web at CRAN.

In general, a computer with R and a wide-format data set like sgpData are a simple way to get started using SGP in your research. You can also consult the SGP data analysis vignette for more detailed documentation on how to use wide-format data with SGP analyses.

SGPData is a wide-format data set that includes all of the student assessment scores for each of the 5 years that the test was administered. It also includes the scale scores for each year that the test was administered. The sgpData_ACHIEVEMENT_LEVEL data set is an open source, wide-format data set that allows for the creation of individual-level student growth, achievement, and percentile plots by the summarizeSGP function.