The Sidney Prize for Investigative Journalism

The sidney prize is awarded by the Sidney Hillman Foundation to “outstanding investigative journalism in service of the common good”. It is given out monthly and focuses on deeply reported investigative work that has impact. It is given to American magazines, newspapers, online news sites, and blogs.

The Sidney Hillman Foundation awards the Sidney Prize in two categories: one for outstanding early-career research and one for outstanding investigative journalism. The winner is selected from the nominations received each month and is notified by email.

This year’s recipient is Dr Sudarshini Ramanathan, a 2023 SOAR Prize winner in the early-career researcher category. She leads a basic science and clinical research program focusing on antibody-mediated neurological conditions. She specializes in neuroimmunology, and is particularly interested in antibody-mediated demyelination and encephalitis.

Her research group studies autoimmune sequelae of immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy and aims to improve patient outcomes through early diagnosis, optimal immunotherapy and the development of new treatment approaches.

In her research, she has developed a multi-disciplinary approach, combining genetic and molecular biology with animal models and human clinical trials. Her research is highly relevant to the development of targeted immunotherapies for autoimmune disease and has provided an important link between basic research and medical practice.

She was also an expert on the use of a variety of biomarkers for identifying patients who may benefit from specific treatments. She has published extensively and is known for her innovative, creative and high-impact research.

Her work has been featured in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and Nature. Her publications have been recognized with a number of awards, including the National Science Foundation’s Goldsmith Award for Excellence in Scientific Writing and a Guggenheim Fellowship.

The award was established in 2012 and is named after the 19th-century Southern poet Sidney Lanier, born in Macon, Georgia. It is given to writers who have engaged and extended the long, often complicated tradition of writing about the South.

For the first time, the Sidney Lanier Prize is available to writers from outside the United States. This is the result of a generous gift from Thornton O’Glove and his family in memory of Sidney Lanier.

This prize is available to students in the Bachelor of Economics (BEc) Honours program who have achieved a First class honours degree or who have graduated from the Master of Economics Analysis (MEA) program with WAM at 85%. The award is intended to support these students through the fiercely competitive admission process for the Global ‘Top 10’ PhD programs in Economics or towards top-tier careers in Economics in Australia.

Applicants must submit a short essay (no more than 500 words) describing their academic achievement, their financial situation, and their ambitious career aims. They should also state why they believe their work should be considered for this award.

The Sidney Prize is a great way to show your commitment to the field of economics and your desire to make an impact on the world. Whether you’re a young student, or an experienced professional looking for a fresh challenge, this is the prize for you.